Media Discourse Assignment

Our Video for about the Sinn Fein Campaign

The videos that we used are listed below under the blog posts. We used these as our sourced images and videos for the project and are entirely meant for personal use and in no way will our video become commerical. This video was made as part of a college assignment and was created under the Fair Usage act.

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New Sinn Fein team

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Sinn Fein Election Broadcast

and the end of campaign video

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Gerry Adams: Excerpt from Economic debate on Frontline

Note the opposition to the Universal Social Charge, and more subtly, the reference to Enda Kenny as simply “Enda”, a familiarity that everyone has maintained to this day.

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Sinn Féin 10-point jobs plan

The 10-point plan

1. A jobs stimulus.

2. Growing the agri-food sector.

3. Health infrastructure.

4. School buildings and refurbishment.

5. Crèches.

6. Improving communications infrastructure.

7. Assistance for those starting a business.

8. Helping businesses to export.

9. Maximising employment on public projects.

10. Initiate a ‘Frontline Services Aides Scheme’

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Political Party

Sinn Fein is our party of choice.

Introduction to Sinn Féin

For 100 years now Sinn Féin has been to the forefront of bringing about change in Ireland. Republicans and Socialists from Constance Markievicz, James Connolly and Liam Mellows to Bobby Sands, Mairéad Farrell and Joe Cahill have brought us closer to our goal of Irish unity and independence.  Today’s generation of republicans continue that work.

Sinn Féin is now the fastest growing party in Ireland.  We have five Ministers in government in the north, including joint First Minister Martin McGuinness.  We are delivering real change.  We are continuing to build the party across the south and have been leading campaigns for job creation and retention and in defence of public services and local communities.  We have launched major policy documents around job creation and public finance. We have stood up to Fianna Fáil and the Greens and put forward real solutions.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has initiated a renewed campaign around Irish unity to build widespread support in Ireland for re-unification and to bring the Irish diaspora together behind this demand.  We are also continuing to use our experience of conflict resolution to help other peace processes around the world including in the Middle East.

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Who are we and what are we doing?

Brounited consists of three members of the from Creative Media year four in DkIT.  James Callaghan, Hugh Doyle and Sean Liggan. During our Media Discourse class we have been tasked with following a political party before, during and after the recent general election. For this we have decided to follow Sinn Fein. The project involves creating a news report style video on the chosen party.

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